Lucknow Real Estate Development

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is popularly known as the ‘City of Nawabs’. This city has a high historical and cultural importance and is famous for its courtly manners, beautiful gardens, music, poetry and fine cuisines. Lucknow is enriched with architectural heritage and is witnessing major developments across all the sectors at a speedy pace. By ranking among the top ten fastest growing tier-II cities of India, it is quickly evolving as a real estate destination.

Lucknow, also called ‘The Golden City of the East’ is witnessing an economic boom today. The surge in its industrial activities has led to a boom in real estate sector which has also changed the demographic boundaries of the city. Being an old city, the government and people have a lot of veneration for the city and its residents. Lucknow is imbued with multicultural spirit and so, property developers are focusing developments more on the peripheral areas of the city. Positive trends in Lucknow property market have tempted leading developers like Parsvnath, Omaxe, Eldeco and Uppal Group to launch some mega projects in the city.

The unprecedented demand for housing has proved progressive for Lucknow and transformed it into an upcoming metropolitan city. This demand is raised by students from all over the country who migrate to the city to attend to some of the most premier and eminent educational institutes in Lucknow and nearby areas. It is further augmented by professionals who enter this region to work with some of the most reputed brands of India and abroad. NRI investments also make for substantial amount of raise in demand for quality housing.

The property in Lucknow is being developed with a wholesome approach but housing and retail sector are witnessing an all time high. Some of the important developments in the retail sector include:

-Fun Republic Mall in Gomti Nagar promoted by Lucknow Development Authority on an area of approx. 5 lakhs square feet. It consists of a 6-screen multiplex, department stores, music and gift shops, food courts, fine dining restaurants, a boutique business hotel gaming and other lifestyle retail options.

– Next among retail developments is the Westend Mall located at Vibhuti Khand in an area of more than 5 lakhs square feet offering parking facility for 400 cars, several leading retail brands, etc.

– Sahara Ganj Mall is the pioneer shopping mall of the city with 5.25 lakhs square feet built up area that is occupied by a multi-cuisine food court, world known retail brands and 4-screen multiplex.
-The upcoming Phoenix United Mall in the Alam Bagh area of the city in about 6.30 lakh square feet in area would include a triple-level basement dedicated to parking. Retail stores, entertainment centre, a food court, fine dining specialty restaurants and a 6-screen PVR multiplex will be the major attractions.

– Emaar MGF Mall of Lucknow is next in the list of soon-to-be launched malls furnished with all the world class facilities.
The leading brand retailers are continuously striving to cater to the growing needs of the population by providing quality retail space.

The construction wave in the residential sector has been outstanding with Hazratganj, Civil Lines and Mall Avenue being the exclusive residential neighborhoods. Indiranagar and Gomti Nagar, too, are engaged with construction projects of real estate developers.

Three Ways, “ObamaCare” Impacts Commercial Real Estate Development

The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, commonly known as “ObamaCare” has made a significant impact on the business strategies of healthcare providers, payers, suppliers and others. Hundreds of Millions of dollars have already traded hands. In large part, because of the U.S. healthcare industries attempt to anticipate or take advantage of the healthcare environment, a result of ObamaCare. Almost every healthcare related industry is affected and commercial real estate is no exception. There are numerous ways the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act impacts commercial real estate development. This article will examine three areas; the increased number of insured mandated by universal coverage, the creation of the, accountable care organization as a vehicle for encouraging cost- effective, “coordinated” care and finally outcomes based reimbursement or reimbursement for results rather than for service.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is highly controversy but clearly the most controversial aspect of the Act is mandated universal coverage. While the number of actual uninsured individual’s in the United States remains in question, what remains a reality is there will be a large number of newly insured should ObamaCare remain law. Current estimates range anywhere from 25-50 million newly insured Americans. So how would a large influx of newly insured impact commercial real estate?

When you couple universal coverage under ObamaCare with the impact of the maturing baby boomer population many believe that there is not enough medical office space to deal with the anticipated need. Of course, not just any medical space will do. The Act encourages, the primary care physician to be the gatekeeper for the newly insured. With more primary care physicians there will be a need for more space to house their practice. However, primary care physicians are not reimbursed like specialist and cannot afford traditional, on campus, Class “A”, medical space. Building appropriate space for the primary care physician is one way commercial real estate is impacted by the legislation.

There are number of ideas set forth in the legislation to force efficiencies into the healthcare system. One of these is the appointment of the primary care physician as the gatekeeper mentioned above.

Another vehicle, proposed to bring efficiencies to the healthcare system is the, accountable care organization or ACO. The ACO is a mechanism by which the Act encourages various providers, suppliers, payers and others come together to accept a bundled payment for the total care required by a patient. The ACO would provide these “coordinated” services under a common Medicare provider number. However, each entity could remain autonomous and independent legal entities. The bundled care model will encourage consolidation, whether by acquisition or by joint venture and this will lead to commercial real estate opportunities. It will lead to commercial real estate opportunities because coordinated care providers will look for synergies and savings inherent in being at the same location and even under the same roof. Since coordinated care providers are typically caring for compromised or incapacitated patients they will need space that can accommodate overnight stay. Overnight, patient stay, medical facilities often incorporate specialized construction features and can be highly regulated.

Finally, ObamaCare clearly sets U.S. healthcare services on the path for outcomes based reimbursement or payment for success rather than fee for service. The legislation not only offers increased payment levels for success it proposes penalties to providers for patients who are readmitted. As you can imagine, this concept has not been received well by those the various care providers who would be impacted. Who is responsible for a patient who has been cared for and discharged but continues to smoke, eat poorly and or fails to take medication or follow advice?

Regardless of the arguments for either side the concept of payment for success is appealing and is likely to survive. So how does payment or reimbursement for success translate to opportunities for commercial real estate? In today’s world success often translates to efficiency and convenience. The explosion of certain patient centric services such as, urgent care clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and more recently free- standing emergency centers are good examples. Each of these examples, bring efficiency in construction, location and convenience. Additional real estate opportunities will be found building new patient centric services in the suburbs where services can be performed more conveniently, and efficiently.

Information on Real Estate Development in Metro Cities of India

Improving infrastructure of metro cities in India is giving an exponential rise to the property market and its value. The evaluation of property prices mentioned below is given according to the infrastructure of metros in India

1. DELHI & NCR Real Estate

Development of infrastructure in Delhi is providing right of entry to places where even now people produce two first-class crops on an annual basis.

Delhi Metro: Metro connection in Dwarka, a region of west Delhi, has set the price in motion by about 70 per cent and a further increase of 20-30 per cent is expected by the end of 2008, especially in sectors 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. The eastern part, adjacent to Noida, which will get connected by the end of 2009, according to the statement of government officials, is witnessing shooting up of property prices along the Metro. Sectors, which will accommodate Metro stations – 15, 16, 18, 32 (city centre), the botanical garden and the golf course – are expected to see a rise of nearly 25-30 per cent.

Taj Expressway: The road that connects Noida to Agra will reroute traffic approaching from the south and going north and north-west from going through the city. After the completion of work on this project, prices have gone up from Rs 2,000-2,500 per sq. ft. to Rs 2,500-4,000 per sq. ft. in Greater Noida.

Now the price is expected to go up by 30-35 per cent. In the mean time, Greater Noida is not behind to witness a rise of population from 1, 50,000 to 4, 00,000 by the coming year. In addition, developers like the Ansals, Eldeco and Unitech are coming up with a number of residential projects there.

NH8 Expressway: The completion of this project, which links Dhaula Kuan in Delhi with Gurgaon, has given a huge rise in property prices near it and surrounding areas of the Expressway.

2. MUMBAI Real Estate

Trans Harbour Link: An ambitious project linking Uran with Shivri across the harbor will become operational by the end of 2015. This project is expected to push up the property price in mumbai by 30-40 per cent in southern part of Mumbai, eastern suburbs and the SEZs planned around the area.

Mumbai Metro: The link connecting Versova to Ghatkopar will give a rise in property prices by 40-50 per cent in some areas.

3. BANGALORE Real Estate

Outer Ring Road: At present, the prices are set between Rs 3,000-3,500 per sq ft on the Outer Ring Road that connects KR Puram to Hosur Road. The price is expected to shoot up be 15-20 per cent.

Airport: This project in Devanahalli, in the northern region, is to be completed by the end of this year. The prices there are pegged at Rs 2,000 per sq ft now. In the next two to three years, a rise to Rs 3,500-4,500 per sq ft is predictable.

3 Things to Remember When Hiring a Chartered Bus

Travelling by chartered bus is great way to save money and to relax on long road trips. By leaving the driving to a professional bus driver, passengers can sleep or chat (even check their email!) and arrive at their destination fresh and full of energy.


If you are considering hiring a chartered bus, make safety your number one criteria. The highway system in the United States has over 170,000 miles of interstate roads with varying degrees of complexity and in different conditions. Make sure your driver has the experience and the knowledge to maneuver a 10-ton bus through these roads.

For long or quick-turn-around trips, bus companies are required by law to provide an extra driver for the journey. Ascertain that the charter bus company you are considering follows this regulation before hiring them.


The bus industry is highly regulated. Before they can cross any state or provincial line, motor coach companies need to have federal operating authority. They should also carry current liability insurance of up to $5 million dollars. Furthermore, federal law requires all U.S. based buses to undergo an annual inspection for regular maintenance and repair and also to determine road worthiness.

A reputable and trustworthy charter bus operator will not hesitate to provide all of this information. Do not deal with any company that fails to show proof that they are in compliance with the rules and regulations governing their industry. If you do come across such an operator, consider reporting them to the American Bus Association (ABA). Shady operators should not be allowed to have their buses on the road where they can put the safety of other vehicles and their passengers at risk.


Finally, chartering a bus should also be about enjoyment. Research the bus companies that offer the features that will enhance the journey for you and your co-travelers. Does your group need a Wi-Fi environment onboard? Extra leg room? Bilingual drivers? Take a poll and make a list. Then be sure to ask the bus operators what they have to offer your group.

Charter bus companies have come a long way since the 1960’s when they first offered specialized travel in an attempt to lure more bus-riding passengers. Even if no single bus company will have everything on your list, it never hurts to ask.

Finally, ask for the bus company’s DOT number. You can use this number to search for the carrier’s safety record online.

The romance of the road beckons especially during the summer months. By doing diligent research, you can charter a bus that will bring you to your destination of choice safely, conveniently, and in style!

Preparing To Travel a Long Distance By Bus

Bus journeys are always a memorable affair. There is no other mode of transport that can beat it. The reason that this long standing love for bus transport has been there is attributed to the convenience and ease that bus travel offers. Long-distance travel is not as bad when it is done by bus. A long-distance journey can be made easier when an effective planning is in place. Here is a list of things to tick off when planning a hassle-free journey by bus:

Booking Tickets
Don’t just be in a rush to purchase tickets as soon as you’re sure you would be travelling. Do your research first. Take some time to analyze and compare the different bus service companies. Be clear about what standards of travel you cannot feel comfortable without and make sure the bus company you choose offers all of them. For example, if you cannot travel in a non-air conditioned bus, or one that has compact seats with not enough leg room, don’t make a compromise while planning and tell yourself that you can. Long distance travel is exhausting as it is, and not making sure of your comfort can most certainly put you in a bad spot. Once you’re clear on your budget and comfort levels, book your tickets. Be precise, speak clearly and reconfirm information before you hand over the money to book your ticket. When you’re booking bus tickets online, there are many incentives that are offered by various private bus companies. These include various discount travel coupons and promotional codes that are often made available by them. Make sure to go price shopping before booking your ticket.

Selecting a Seat
Selecting a seat is an extremely important step when travelling by bus. If you’re susceptible to motion sickness, make sure you take a seat in the front or in the middle. Females travelling alone and older people should sit as close to the front as possible. It is safe, and more peaceful. If you’re planning to catch up on some sleep, front seats should be preferred.

Preparation and Baggage
Start your journey with a good state of mind. Bring enough means of distraction (books, magazines, an iPod with your favorite songs, etc.). These will make your journey fun. When travelling by bus, a person’s baggage is stowed either underneath or on top of the bus. So it is imperative to make sure your stuff is secure. Lock your bag properly and never leave your valuables in the bag that is to be stowed away. Always carry these valuables in a hand bag that will remain with you at all times. In case you are under some medication, keep your medicines and other necessities in your handbag. Keep plenty of food items and water to keep you nourished and hydrated.

Be Secure
It is important at all times to be safe and comfortable. Dress conservatively and comfortably. Do not attract undue attention. Be wary of strangers and when travelling alone, do not converse with people who you feel can land you in trouble. It is advisable to chat up with someone on the bus that this helps you stay informed. Generally older people and couples who are warm towards strangers and look out for them during the trip too. Make sure you inform family or friends about your travel plans. Know your route well before travelling.

Enjoy the Scenery
Travelling by bus offers the best way to admire the countryside. Take out time to enjoy the interesting sights and sounds that will greet you when you’re travelling. A bus travel has forever been romanticized and regarded as the best method to enjoy a relaxed trip. The sights and sounds that trot along with the many benefits of a bus travel service are unmatched and cannot be copied in essence by any other mode of transport. A bus travel always makes up for an interesting story.

Enjoy Partying at a Whole New Level With a Party Bus for Hire

Name a party that you want to have and you can all do it with a party bus for hire. You can unwind from a hard day’s work if you enjoy yourself in parties once in a while. At other times, you also want to try out something new and have more fun doing fun activities with friends and family. Typically, when you want to celebrate a certain event, you would normally rent the venue for the party or celebrate it at home. Private vehicles and vans cannot accommodate all the invited guests at once. A trip would be more enjoyable if you can be all at the same vehicle and everything you need is already there. Here are some fun ideas to do when you get to have a party bus for hire.

The night is still young and you might be already tired of partying at the same club. With a party bus, you can continue on partying at the bus with your friends while heading out to the next club. The fun never ends and you also get to meet new people as you do the club hopping. If you had too much alcohol, all you need to alleviate your drunkenness are also in the bus. Aside from that, the bus is operated by well trained individuals ensuring your safety while you and your friends enjoy the party.

You can also celebrate a love ones special occasion on a party bus. May it be a birthday party or a bachelor/bachelorette party; you will all have a good time together on the road. Aside from that, you get to visit places, watch sporting events and get to enjoy the scenery along the way. All you need to do is just enjoy yourselves and the rest will be taken care of by the party bus employees.

Most party bus companies have different buses with different kinds of amenities. Of course, you will be able to get to choose the kind of bus which is suitable for the party that you want to celebrate there. Some of these amenities include karaoke machines, excellent sound systems, neon lights, private toilets separate for men and women and a lot more.

You can try something new once in a while and explore other ways of having fun. One way of doing so is getting to have a party bus for hire to celebrate good times with friends and family. Also to maximize the rental you paid for the bus, it would be best to maximize the amount of people you invite to come with you. More guests to celebrate a party with, the more fun it will get. That way, the cost for the party bus will definitely be worth it.

Network Marketing Blog Traffic Training

Let me guess. You’ve created a network marketing blog complete with graphical headers, opt-in boxes and banner ads for your favorite affiliate programs, but you aren’t making any money because you don’t have sufficient traffic to your a network marketing blog. Now that the blog is up and running, you’ve realized that just having a network marketing blog is only half the battle. The other half is blog traffic. You’ve landed on this post looking for a network marketing blog traffic strategies, tools or training. Am I right so far?

Or perhaps you don’t have a network marketing blog yet and are thinking about creating one. You’ll be glad you landed here because a blog without any traffic won’t make any money or generate any leads. Be sure you have a traffic plan for leading people to your blog.

Either way, you are in the right place. This particular MLM blog gets plenty of traffic and I can teach you how to do it too.This will be an overview article discussing your options for network marketing blog traffic. We can’t possibly teach you how to do all this stuff in one article…but the tutorials and resources on rest of the site will get you pretty far.

Network Marketing Blog Traffic Sources

Search Engines

Paid search

You can run pay-per-click (PPC) ads on any of the major search engines. When someone searches for a keyword like “network marketing blog” your ad will be served to them. A click takes them directly to your website. You pay for each click. The amount depends on how many other advertisers you are competing with. You can turn it on or turn it off at any time.

Organic search

Organic search is also called SEO or search engine optimization. This is the process of optimizing your website to appear high in the free search results for a particular keyword phrase. It takes time and patience, but once your MLM blog ranks well for a couple popular searches, you’ll get lots of free clicks and visitors.

Referring Sites

Text Ads/Banner Ads

You can place sponsored links, text ads and banner ads on other websites to bring in referral traffic to your own website. This can be done through large ad servers that place links on thousands of sites or by negotiating directly with the owner of the target site. Prices will vary and most consumers will know it is a paid ad. Turn on or off at any time.

Content Links

Every site owner needs content. When you provide quality content in the form of a guest blog post or a useful blog comment you are generally able to provide a link back to your own network marketing blog. If the reader enjoys your article or finds your comment helpful (and if you have something enticing to offer them on your site) they will often click the link to visit.


Email is a fast and cheap way to reach many people. If you don’t have your own large email list yet you can do a list rental. This allows you to send a promotional message to thousands of people at a time. You can do a solo ad where you are the only sponsor of the email or have your message batched with other advertisers. Prices are based on list size, quality and how prominently your message is featured.

Smart Phones

QR codes and text messages are two ways to get people to your blog from smart phones. This strategy is currently very effective because not many people are doing it, but you want to make sure you have a mobile-friendly network marketing blog before sending a bunch of smart phone traffic to it. Stay tuned to this one…it is the wave of the future.


Ever heard of drop cards? They are mini-advertisements printed on business card-sized paper than you can drop around town. The card directs people to your network marketing blog for more information about the headline on the card. They are very inexpensive to print and easy to work into your daily routine.

Getting Started with Network Marketing Blog Traffic

The smartest thing you can do is to learn a little bit about each of the options for network marketing blog traffic and then select ONE strategy to get really good at. Don’t try to do them all at the same time. Build up your blog traffic to 300 or more visitors per month from a single method before launching into any others. This amount of traffic will be enough to give you early feedback on the effectiveness of the offer and opt-ins on your network marketing blog. The rest is tweaking, refining and adding more traffic.

The world of online network marketing is vast and confusing. Some might say it is hostile to the new-comer with lots on entrenched experts selling the newbies systems and tools that they really don’t need. We understand that it is hard to know who to trust.

Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence. We created to provide the best network marketing content without any of the BS. Just for stopping by you can pick up 3 different free ebooks and several cool tools.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money: For Beginners Only!

There’s so much technical data out on the net these days for people wanting to start a blog and make money. But if you’re like I was a couple of years ago (when I was wondering what a blog was LOL), this is for you. While I’ve since been able to make as much as $1000 from a single blog post, I can empathize with the overwhelming feeling anyone has when looking into the “free blog marketing” thing.

So what do you do first to start a blog and make money?

First, if you want to start your own blog to make money, you need to be aware that there is a monthly fee involved for hosting. What’s hosting? It’s the mechanism that keeps your blog, you own personal website that is, in touch with the outside world. Most hosting costs between $10 and $30 per month, depending on what kind you get. Of course, you would want to start in the most cost effective manner.

Why worry about the cost? Because once you start marketing online, a lot of things cost money. Even with “free blog marketing” as they say… there are little programs out there that you will probably want to be a part of like Onlywire and SlideShare, which you can usually join for free, but will eventually wind up costing you once you get going.

You’ll want an Email Auto-Responding system when you decide to start a blog and make money…

Another cost to take into account is your email auto-responding system. Why is that important to have if you just want to start a blog and make money? Because you’ll want to have a way to keep in touch with you leads.

Most people who are remotely interested in your site will not buy right way. And, the average person needs to be approached on average seven times before they decide to buy.

So, if you don’t want to be jotting down everyone’s phone number (for the few who actually leave their correct number) and nagging them to death with phone calls, then you’ll want to have an email auto-responding system in place.

Not everyone who has decided to start a blog and make money and is successful…

But you must remember this; everyone who has decided to start a blog and make money AND who has become wildly successful at it has been persistent.

Persistence pays off no matter what. Does this mean that you’ll be paying hosting and auto-responding systems and marketing services for your blog before you actually make money? Yes! You actually will be in the red before you even get your blog noticed!

But isn’t there just a fast and easy way to start a blog and make money?

Actually, no. However, there are faster and easier ways. I’m a strong advocate of a team blogging system because it comes with everything all setup. You don’t have to worry about hosting and technical difficulties because you can always count on a staff of employees available by phone or email to help you out.

In addition, a team blogging system already has a lot of traffic, and is therefore viewed as “popular” by Google. Hence, you blog pages are more likely to get noticed on the internet. And the cost is really not much more than just the hosting itself when you first try to start a blog and make money.

Four Helpful Options Available For Office Phone Systems

To compare business phone systems and find the right fit for a particular company, four benefits should be heavily considered. Ideal office phone systems will include a virtual receptionist, voicemail transcriptions, ‘contact us’ web widgets, call routing to cells and office phones, and HD voice quality.

Compare Business Phone Systems That Come With Voicemail Transcription

An option known as voicemail transcription transmits a text version of voicemail messages to the email address an individual has selected. The written transcription arrives at the user’s email address and/or email-enabled cellular device along with an audio file of the message. Some providers include this feature in their packages. Others offer a free 30-day trial of voicemail transcription service to all users on a company’s account. Once the trial period has concluded, a manager can choose to continue this option as a paid service on certain extensions of his choice. Fully automated, voicemail transcription utilizes high-tech voice recognition technology. The transcribing does not need a live agent. By using automated technology, communication vendors can ensure total privacy and speedy delivery of the transcribed message.

‘Contact Us’ Web Widget Offers Added Value

Business owners who compare business phone systems find that a web widget with ‘contact us’ capabilities gives online publishers the chance to increase value and following to blogs, social networks, home pages, and websites. Easily embedded into a page, a widget is a small web application. This capability is included with some office phone systems that are designed with the components needed to be embedded in a blog or web page. The most common of internet forms, ‘contact us’ web widgets can be located on numerous websites and blogs. Typically, they all consist of the same structure including a user information section (name, company, email, etc.), and a contact detail section (purpose for contact, subject, and description).

Call Routing, From Cells To External Offices

Call routing entails answering an incoming telephone call and routing it to another point that could be any extension number in the office, a handheld or portable device like a cell phone, or to another landline number. The biggest selling point of call routing is that it ensures that no important calls are missed when a person is unavailable or at a location where the telephone number usually exists. Today’s providers often offer deals that come with call routing to cell and office cubicles, even with a basic package. In some instances, the subscribers can receive cellular call forwarding services. If the cell number incurs problems, then the subscriber can route the call to any other desired number until a solution is put into place. There are countless positive aspects of call forwarding services. For example, when the chief executive officer is not physically present at the office, he can still answer the calls coming into his office line. This ability to forward calls to an employee’s cell phone, landline, or any other number desired makes managing a company far more efficient. With this technology, the desired party can speak to directly to clients, answer their questions, and provide information, regardless of their location.

Importance Of HD Voice Quality

As individuals who operate a company compare business phone systems, they should consider the importance of HD (high-definition) voice quality. Also called wideband voice, this advancement has received a lot of attention recently. The audio technology, which allows office phone systems to send a far broader range of sounds over internet lines than traditional phones, greatly improves the clarity of voice calls. Conventional lines use PSTN (public switched telephone network) circuits that produce more static and less lucidity. Businesses can tangibly benefit from HD voice quality by not dealing with calls coming in that are inaudible or get cut off. Business owners trying to close a deal prefer to depend on HD voice quality instead of traditional fuzzy lines.

Homes With Personality – 4 Essential Approaches to Giving Your Home Your Personality

A house when built comprises of floors, walls, roof and rooms. Architects design a home mostly for builders who give them several plans for the same built up area. Some houses are designed for individuals who have very specific needs or wishes. These houses are called custom built homes.

In any case when the house is completed it is still a cold building having a layout comprising of rooms, open spaces and built in cupboards.

When the house is purchased by a family, it starts to turn into a home.

It is at this point that the same house can take different appearances depending on the family living in the home.

Not everyone consciously feels or realizes that the house that they have now called their home is reflecting and depicting their personality.

The 4 aspects that should consciously be considered for making your home reflect your personality can be categorized as:

Brightness of the home
Warmth felt and depicted in the home
Cultural reflection in the home
Reflection of financial position and status of the family

Brightness in the home.This is achieved by the color of the walls ceilings and the accent of color to bring out any special feature of the house. Accent may just break the monotony of a continuing color scheme.

The same effect is also achieved by selection of furniture, the drapes, the selection of floor coverings.

Floors can be carpeted, wood or tiles. On wood floors, scatter rugs, specially Persian rugs can add a lot of color and character.

Warmth in the home comes through the use of warm colors. The decoration, color and quality of the fabric of the drapes, the shutters in the windows. The choice of wall hangings, paintings and the decorative items used to give the home the character. The family pictures and the way they are displayed.

The house plants. The live green plants, much harder to maintain, give the home that special reflection of care of the house wife. The artificial plants do add a feature to the bare house but they come under a different classification in creating the warmth.

Cultural refection in the home depicts the background of the family. This feature is apparent in the use all items that directly demonstrate the culture and place in society of the family.

Reflection of the financial status of the family living in the home is clearly indicated by the quality of almost everything visible in the home. The electrical fittings, the chandelier, the doors, the door locks the quality of furniture. The items of crystal used as decorative pieces. The paintings, some could easily be master pieces and originals of recognized artists. In fact the eyes of any visitor can immediately see the well being of the family as they enter the home.

A home with the conscious consideration of the above features is a home that truly would reflects the personality of people living in that home.

Author Maz Husain

I am senior who has had a very interesting career. Born in India, initial schooling in India. Graduation in Engineering in the United Kingdom. Worked for Multi National Organizations for over 25 years as an senior executive reaching the Board level. Built a production facility and then ran the facility for 5years as the Chief Executive. Ran the Agriculture division of a Swiss company for several years with demonstrated increase in the market share of the company products. Introduced aerial sparing of cash crops such as Cotton, Sugarcane and Rice resulting in increased yields in crop value.